Email Grappler is a software made to hack into lost e-mail accounts and retrieve login information back to their owner. It can successfully crack into a most popular email clients accounts, including Outlook (Hotmail), Gmail, iCloud, GMX, Protonmail, Yahoo, Zoho, AOL, Lycos, and many more. Even if you are trying to retrieve an email from an email provider on the list, our tool can help you with a manually written extension of your email account.

Our application is developed to work on both desktop and mobile operating systems. We understand how hard it is to lose an online account. It can be due to a forgotten password, an account that is hacked or stolen, or any other factors. No matter what the reason is, it would be best if you got them back. There are different ways to retrieve your password, but none of them is better or faster than Email Grappler at this time.

This app works on a technology known as a “brute-force attack”. What it does is attack the login page of the email provider with thousands of possible password combinations per minute. With the use of virtually every letter or character combinations, the app will keep on attacking until it finds the matching password to the email address.

We aim to provide a reliable app in retrieving your email accounts. We are also fully aware that our app can be used by shady individuals and can cause potential damage if it falls on the wrong hands. Hence, we have outlined stringent terms and conditions to address this issue.